The Benefits of Working With a USA Manufacturing Company
06 / 28 / 22

The Benefits of Working With a USA Manufacturing Company

At Kooks Industries, we provide product development, engineering, and manufacturing services to clients across the world; however, we are proudly based in the USA! There are many benefits that come with choosing a US-based manufacturing partner.

Why Work With a USA Manufacturing Company?

A few of the primary incentives of working with a manufacturing partner within the States are:

Higher Levels of Quality Control

One of the main reasons why companies choose international manufacturers is that the prices tend to be cheaper. Remember the old saying: You get what you pay for. While international manufacturers may offer bottom-barrel pricing, their product quality may be inferior. When you choose a company based in the USA, specifically Kooks Industries, you are guaranteed a commitment to high manufacturing standards, and a rigorous approach to quality control.

Faster Response Times

When you’re in closer geographic proximity to your manufacturer, it usually means you get to see the prototype or product more quickly. If there’s an issue, you can spot it and seek a resolution right away. By addressing the issue expediently, you can potentially save a lot of time and money, and eliminate a lot of headache and hassle.

Faster Lead Times

By choosing a USA manufacturer, you can save time in the production process. If your products don’t have to travel as far to reach their retailer or intended distributor, that ultimately means you can get them to market faster. Choosing a USA manufacturing partner can potentially expedite your sales cycle, getting you more money in your pocket more quickly.

Shorter Supply Chain

Since the COVID pandemic hit, all of us have heard bleak headlines about supply chain disruptions. (And most of us have experienced the inconvenience first-hand.) You can not only reduce supply chain problems for your customers but potentially cut down errors, too, by choosing a manufacturing partner that’s geographically closer.

Support Your Community

A USA-based manufacturer allows you to make a real, direct investment in your own community. Working with a US manufacturer means more jobs for your neighbors, as opposed to work that’s outsourced to overseas labor.

Reduced Delivery Costs

Shipping products all around the world can be costly. Delivery costs inflate your production budget, and may ultimately inflate costs for your customers, too. You can reduce these unneeded expenses by choosing a manufacturing company that’s a little closer to home.

Environmental Impact

Choosing a manufacturing company in the States may help you meet some of your environmental goals. Choosing a domestic manufacturer means less need for transit, which can reduce fuel emissions. And, it means less energy is expended to get your products or prototypes where they need to go.

Choose Kooks Industries, a USA-Based Product Development Company

For your product development and manufacturing needs, we hope you’ll keep Kooks Industries in mind. Our company is based in the USA, and known for our high standard of customer service, quality control, and expedience. We provide a full range of machining services, ranging from CNC to laser cutting, from tube bending to welding. We also provide prototyping, reverse engineering, and many additional services.

We’d love to tell you more about the benefits of working with Kooks Industries. To request a FREE quote, reach out to Kooks Industries at your next opportunity.